Bespoke or off the shelf software?

7 March
  • blog, business

For some projects, ready-made apps can be a good fit in providing functionality that businesses require. When a customisable and advanced solution is required, bespoke software has several benefits as opposed to using off-the-shelf products.

It’s worth noting that there are other in-between options such as no-code tools which we’ll cover separately at a later date.


Bespoke software can be customised to meet the specific needs of an organisation. At Azuki, we take the time to learn about the specific needs and workflows every client, ensuring that the solution we develop is tailored to perform exactly what it is required to do as effectively as possible. Off-the-shelf software will often offer personalisable features but cannot yield the same level of customisation, and may require compromise from the user.


Bespoke software can be designed to seamlessly integrate with an organisation’s existing software systems and processes. Intelligently developed bespoke software will commonly be able to merge with alternate software programmes, without the need for manual data entry. Off-the-shelf software will broadly require more effort to integrate, and in some cases will not be possible at all.


The organisation will typically have more control over the maintenance and updates of bespoke software, as they will have access to the source code. This enables greater ownership over the app, and provides them with the ability to make changes when necessary and required in the longer term. With off-the-shelf software, the organisation may be at the mercy of the software vendor for maintenance and updates.


Bespoke software will generally be more expensive to develop than off-the-shelf software. It can also take longer to develop since it’s from scratch. On the flip side, it may provide cost savings in the long run, as it can be designed to meet the organisation’s specific needs and can be more efficient and effective in the long term. Truly adaptable, complex and intelligent solutions can only be achieved through bespoke software development.

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